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I'm in a bad mood


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A girl that used to go to my camp died of cancer today. I didn't really know her all that well, as she was a year older than me. But from everything i heard about her, she seemed like a great person. She was the one who everyone wanted to be. She was smart, athletic, pretty, and a good person. When i heard after school today, i was really upset. But my brother, who was really good friends with her, did not yet know. I had to tell him. He was absolutely crushed. I have never in my life seen him like this. I don't know what to do to cheer him up. he's generally a pretty closed off person so i think i might just give him some space for a few days.


Anyway, i just wanted to get my feelings out because i'm really upset because its always one of the good ones who dies. Its just not fair.

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Sorry to hear about that Justin.

Stuff like that can be type. And friendships and people from "camp" wherever that might be, always hold an extra special place in people's hearts.


Just being there for your brother is probably the best thing you can do. Maybe replay the Giants Superbowl game ;).

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