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The Official *Pringles* Thread


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Wise words of Briggins:

"I believe in a perfect race of chips. Pringles are perfect. All other non-stackable chips are inferior."


Pringles are so great that they deserve their own song.

Download my song, Nothing But Pringles (Version2)!

Also available as an Instrumental Version!.




Pringles FAQ


Q. I like dipping my crisps/chips in dip. Is there a dip especially made made for Pringles?

A. They don't need dip. They're too good for dip. Dip is reserved for inferior non-symmetrical non-beautiful sinusoidally chips.


Q. What if the only tubes of Pringles available are bent/broken?

A. Pringles need to be in perfect condition to be worthy of being eaten. If you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation, Briggins recommends buying Skor bars as an alternative food source.


Q. What if I prefer my crisps/chips to be free to be what ever shape they choose?

A. We believe in a perfect race of chips. Pringles are perfect. All other non-stackable chips are inferior.


Q. Thank you all for reminding me of the goodness of Pringles. But won't making me eat them all the time make me fat?

A. Pringles won't make you fat... just excessively pudgy.


Q. Ooh, I saw a similar type of crisps/chips the other day called Stax. Whats the difference?

A. Lays Stax are imposters and aren't NEARLY as good. I don't even know if they sell them anymore! People are loyal to the Pringle.


Q. Who eats nothing but Pringles?

A. I eat nothing but Pringles! Well, not really. But still.


More FAQ coming soon.




Since these are all I've been living on for the past three days (no thanks to the shops closing for Easter) I think its rather fitting that I should make a Pringles thread and share the love.


And I do love them. But my connection with these tube dwelling crisps runs much deeper than most other snacks. You see, with a last name like 'Ingle', its inevitable that some people would make that connection to Pringles. I've been called worse, but it does kinda getting annoying when all your called for a good few months is 'Single Pringle'.


But this thread isn't about me. It's about Pringles. And what better way to celebrate their existence with... a Pringle Poll!


So what's your favourite type of Pringle? Original flavour? Paprika? Hot & Spicy?

Or do you prefer the newer ranges of Pringles, including Pringle Minis, or Rice Infusions? Profess your love for you favourite type of Pringles here (and post a picture of them if you want)!


The Pringle Poll is multiple choice, so don't hesitate to go wild.

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Oh man Original all the way. They are probably my favourite chips out there. Its a toss up between Pringles and Sun Chips.


Funny Pringle story:


Earlier in the fall I went down to Boston to see a football game. It was great, except I got a grand total of 2 hours of sleep from 3am-5am on the airport floor then flew home. And instead of going home and sleeping I went straight to school since I had a Monday morning bio lab. And I also had a night class that night. So to stay awake I bought 2 full things of pringles and a pepsi. I only ate one thing of pringles (Which is still alot!!)


Then the next day in bio I ate the next tube. I knew alot of people around me in the class so I offered some chips to them. ANd then there was this one girl next to me I never talked to before...i offered her a pringle but got a really dirty look. IT was hilarious.

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Neither have I, but I have yet to come across a flavour that doesn't let the side down, so to speak.

I finished my sour cream ones about an hour ago, and I still want more.


PS. Since when did you turn into a girl? Haha it looks weird.


Less than an hour ago haha

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