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YOUR ``VIVA LA VIDA or....`` ARTWORK !!!!!


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Hey brothers and sisters ,


I thought maybe the time is right to make this thread !!

Í had the movement in myself to create a VLVODAAHF- cover!!!

This Thread is to publish all your art in relation with the new album :-)


My cover results out of my feeling hope u like it guys :)


greetings, Jan

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i love it. its very beautiful. i truly hope the new cd artwork is dark-toned like that. i can't imagine a light-coloured cd cover when all the songs are supposed to be "darker".


i was thinking randomly when i saw a green poster in the subway today, that coldplay's album should never be green. could you imagine a green coldplay cover? for Fix You single it was alright...but coldplay and the colour green dont go together. my random opinion. :)

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yea black&white your absolutely right, i think green and coldplay will never be friends , i could not imagine a green cover ( for fix you it was ok and ok ^^ ) but you know what i think, guess the parachutes and ARoBTTH- covers and then the cut in the soul of their artwork: X&Y from a globe to a face to a colour-code to a....... we will see ^^

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Hey where are you located mate.......I let my band have a look at that first album art they loved it.......and now that second artwork, you have a gift my friend.....keep it up


Hi Spies I am located in Germany , near Munich . Mate if you want, maybe in the future, I can make an artwork for your band :)


let me know if u are interested ^^


greetings Jan

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it will defintley look a bit hispanic and will be a little artsy like a painting


I like this also.....the golden yellow color expresses the viva la vida part of the titles.....and the dark figures signify death and all his friends......I don't if anyone else sees it that way.

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