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  1. 42 8 (-) White Shadows 35 Ladder to the Sun 17 (+)
  2. sorry, I can't really stay in 12 songs with all this choice. I propose a double album, one more rock and one more "commercial": Title: UP IN FlAMES 1. MX / Hurts Like Heaven 2. Charlie Brown 3. Everglow 4. Miracles 5. Birds 6. Major Minus 7. Moving To Mars 8. U.F.O. 9. AHT / Don’t Let It Break Your Heart 10. Up&Up Singles: Miracles, Charlie Brown, Birds, Up&Up Title: A HEAD FULL OF DREAMS 1. A Head Full Of Dreams 2. Paradise 3. Hymn For The Weekend 4. Fun 5. Aiko / Adventure Of A Lifetime 6. Princess Of China WITHOUT Rihanna 7. Army Of One
  3. If someone else listens to Hurts too, they shot their video 'Somebody To Die For' few years ago in the same place
  4. I love it a lot, despite the sped up voice
  5. does someone know a way to remove the vocoder voice from this song?
  6. Brian Eno made an amazing job for Viva la Vida, that's the coldplay era that I miss the most! Stargate made a good job for songs like AOAL, Birds and HFTW but Army Of One could be much better
  7. no vocoder on army of one!!! what a pity for such a good song kaleidoscope / x marks the spot /color spectrum are pointless, they wrote plenty of songs and they filled the album with that.. bah! and a tracklist like this why not... A Head Full Of Dreams Hymn For The Weekend Everglow Army Of One Birds Fun Adventure Of A Lifetime Miracles Amazing Day Up&Up
  8. I was hoping for a Birds video but not expecting it actually! great surprise and very beautiful video!!! love it
  9. Best: Birds, AOAL, Fun Worst: X Marks The Spot, Amazing Day, AHFOD
  10. well, not saying it's a hit. what made vlv big was the cool strings arrangement and maybe that's what is missing to army to be as big as viva... organ is cool, vocoder not so much
  11. i'm loving this song a lot, I'm glad they didn't spoil it that much before cause it was a surprise
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