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  1. Right theres a fair few things to. Break the song down, know the high notes, know the long notes, know where to take a breath and know where to take a bigger breath. Know how to smoothly hit each part of the song, don't worry about things like sounding like the singer you'r doing, fake American accents for example don't work ever. Find your range, find where you can comfortably sing from and too and then don't extend yourself too much. Avoid the falsetto (that thing you use to pull of high notes if you totally overshoot and just create a horrible buzzing high note or find you can't su
  2. Vampire Weekend IMO is pretty terrible. But I wasn't aware Radiohead are arrogent, their very level headed down to earth people. In every way possible Thom Yorke is the most talented musician. Chris is more akin to a smarter Noel Galligar than a comparison to Radiohead. Especially as I get the opinion Chris Martin is the only personality in the band.
  3. When I listen to it, im reminded of the colour grey. And not in a bad way U2 have created a great album without really talking about anything. If the last few U2 albums sounded like the sound on the modern New York and the earlier the American West then this one feels like it exists in its own time and space. Even so the 3rd song is a bit long winded.
  4. Why do so many idiots on this site not care!
  5. 1. The Bends 2. A Rush of Blood 3. Modern Life is Rubbish (Blur) 4. Origin of Symmetry 5. Gold Against the Soul (Manic Street Preachers) 6. Whats the Story Morning Glory 7. You Could have it so Much Better (FF) 8. Dog Man Star (Suede) 10. Favorate Worst Nightmare 11. A Northern Soul (The Verve) 12. Sams Town 13. Siamese Dream (Smashing Pumpkins) 14. Meat is Murder (the smiths) Loveless / Room on fire (the strokes) and Closer (Joy Division) would be here for sure if I had heard them enough.
  6. Funny they did a good 3 hours for us in Newcastle last October. It was almost too long.
  7. Trust Coldplay to avoid harrassment. At the end of the day if CP were not willing to negotiate what choice would Joe's lawyers have then corner them? Shame tho, it would have been an intresting watch if they did.
  8. Yea that would be great, do you have msn? I tend to write the lyrics first because I look at them both quite seperatly. In the style of The Smiths. As in the lyrics do not effect the design of a song but moreso slip over the top of it. I'm well aware I may be doing something very wrong tho.
  9. Ok, so I got myself some lyrics written down, they read as songs with verses, choruses ectra. Bit of rhyming and a bit of off hand lyrical exploration. Still I don't write simply and I have a hard time turning music out of my weird lyrics. Im quite limited on my knowledge of the guitar, I only really know open chords. (Please do not steal my ideas, you are not me, you do not see the world as how I do and it would therefore make no sense for you to use this) Let me read the newspaper, Cause as far as I can tell, I’m just lying here, sitting in the dark, Thinking about
  10. Im 6 months into to pretty much self teaching... Look for songs with E / Em / D / Dm / G / C / Cm / A / Am chords in them till you get into it. Those are the easy basic shapes and pretty much include more songs except ones with F's or B's in them. Most bands have one or 2 songs that fall into this catagory. Snow Patrol and U2 have tons, as do Oasis and Travis. Oh and try and learn Wonderwall, its a good song to build hand strength.
  11. Gotta love how the bonus edition with double the content is the same price as the original on Amazon.co.uk. Anybody know what the bonus disc includes? lives, bootlegs, B sides, other stuff from those sessions? Love the single, one of the best things they've done. Loved album 2, not so much album 1.
  12. Come on guys you cant use the refer of Bono and Paul in the same paragraph. You'r gunna confuse the hell out of people who don't know who Paul Hewson and Dave Evans are.
  13. Definatly won't be, terrible mass produced crap imo (and most people on this boards opinion).
  14. I still stand by this ignored comment, Parklife is pretty deep and musically complex. But yea try out Blur (s/t) and 13. And Think Tank if you prefer the Gorrilaz stuff (since thats Damon moving away from rock) Oh and drunks will sing to anything, even Ruby by the Kiaser Chiefs :(
  15. Ya know, listening back. Their last album was pretty average, some songs were just not that good. U2 for me have always had a mistake or 2 on an album. Exception being the Joshua Tree. War and TUF had too many slow paced monologues, or stripped down songs. Id argue if U2 arn't soaring they arn't intresting at all. Auchtung Baby for me was always too safe sounding, the guitar solos felt calculated, it didn't feel very epic (tho it was) Zoopera was a bit of a mess (tho good) and All you can't leave behind was their finest record since TJT. But HTDAAB is a bit of a mess, it just sounds so
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