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Warning sign cover...


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Hi, my band and I are working on some Coldplay covers for an upcoming gig, and I could use a bit of feedback.


I am considering playing Warning sign on my 12 string, I really dig the sound but it's a bit strange and I am not sure if other people will dig it as much as I do. What do you guys think?


(I realize it's a bit foolish to ask without posting a clip of me playing the song, but my webcam decided to crap out today:embarassed:, if I can get it working, I will post it)


Just asking for some opinions...

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Can't post sound at the moment, my computer is being extrordinarily difficult, will post ASAP (may be awhile though...:\)


It sounds cool to me, but I worry it might be in the pile of things that sound cool to me, but s%$t to others...

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