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Hello everyone,



Well, I started playing the guitar a while back, so I'm not really good enough to determine the chords by myself, so I'll need some help on this one, heh.


On the net I found some chords, they said it goes C/Am/C/Am throughout the song, and the chorus is F/D.

Well it didn't sound that bad when I tried playing it, but the D there just seemed to be out of place.


I did a slight modification (put a Capo on 1), so the first part ( C/Am/C/Am) sounds perfectly accurate with the Coldplay recording now, but I still need help with the chorus part?

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the book gives a messed up tuning of Db-Ab-Db-F-Db-F that has you holding one string all the way down at the hhigher frets for the intro. It didn't seem to make MUCHsense, but when I listen to the original I do hear that the tuning does sound very different. The open chords in standard tuning is simpler though, and sound about the same. The book version is a little too tricky for me to tab out.

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