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Audiosurf- ride your music!


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Anyone heard of this one?


It's a game that came out recently, very unique and different from anything else.


The thing is, you load any song that you have in the game, and it will generate a track according to the rythm of the song.

The goal is to collect colored bricks and make a 'cluster' made out of 3 bricks of the same color. But there are other modes, such as Mono, where you evade gray bricks and collect colored ones.


It is so great because not only that the road bumps according to the rythm and it goes faster with faster songs, but also the bricks come in key song parts, so it all looks extremely accurate with the song.


What is even more amazing, there is no team behind this game, it was all done by one single person!


Finally a chance to experience how is it to 'play' a Coldplay song ^^


Here's some screenshots:







I played the demo(you can play 5 songs in the demo) and it seems really fun, a good game to relax with.



If anyone is interested, here is where I found the demo:






Also important, the game is not availible in stores, only way to buy it is over Steam on the internet, and the game price is I think 10$. Totally worth it IMO

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I'm going to go ahead and bump this.


Audiosurf goes perfectly with anything from X&Y. The distinct hard and soft parts of each song give the player an interesting track to play on. The art style fits really well with the synthesizers and strings of the album. For a real treat, play Square One, especially if you have a really good computer.

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