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Hands on Approach


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here i introduce you to another cool portuguese band:


Hands on Approach


they sing both in english and portuguese.

According to their Wiki in french their influences are:

Coldplay, Queen, Blur, Oasis, Genesis.


They have realised only 3 albums:

Blown (1999)

Moving Spirits (2000)

Groovin' on Monster's Eye-balls (2005)

and a DVD10 Anos-Casino Figueira (2007)CD/DVD


but them are still active.


Official site

^is in portuguese



^here you can listen 4 of their songs: Let's be in love, If you give up, Tao perto e tao longe, Riot's on the streets.


Wiki info


Some vids:


^taken from their 10th anniversary DVD (concert acoustic in Figuerira da Foz Casino (August 2006)


^official video.


Other vids including their music (fans vids and stuff).


A change

^my favourite song :nice:



^is in portuguese (title means: So close and so far)


Give them a listen and Enjoy! :cool4:

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