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HELP! so listening options are....?!?


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i live in vancouver..


so BBC6 Online Radio will be broadcasting the song, available here at 5-ish am? and thats the very FIRST play?


and then coldplay.com will have it for download at 7:15am (here time)


and i cant miss school for downloading the song! my english class starts 7:15am i have an Othello test! and what would be my excuse for writing the test later? i had to skip to listen to the new coldplay song....i wish i could... and then i have 2 more tests after that in geo and history so i cant even come home!


so my only hope is the 5am broadcast. please someone tell me this is true and i can listen to it then. as long as its played before 6:55am i can hear it. so there will be like a "listen live" button on the site? hopefully? HELP!

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You have to download the Coldplaying toolbar above to listen live, so do that tonight. Its easy and actually pretty cool, and it has a little radio feature with all the different stations.

And dont worry, Im in the same situation. If you cant get a listen until later, so what? You won't care by wednesday whether you heard it in the morning or at night. The important thing is it will be downloadable on coldplay.com for a full week, so theres no rush.

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