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New/relatively unkonwn artists and bands?

Mister Snig

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Didn't see a thread about bands that nobody knows about, either because they're new or not mainstream. So I'm gonna start by plugging Flobots. They're an indie rap group with an interesting hard rock sound to their music. It's not as heavy as something like Slipknot or Korn, nor as crappy. They talk about politics and other hard-hitting issues. They remind me of Rage Against the Machine, but without the stupid.


Here's one of their songs:



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They're not new, but they're relatively unknown. The Pineapple Thief are a prog/indie rock band from the UK, and they're excellent. They have 6 studio albums out, and their seventh studio album is coming out in less than a month. If you like bands like The Smashing Pumpkins, U2, and Radiohead, you have to check these guys out.


Here's their myspace - http://www.myspace.com/thepineapplethief

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