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Hey Yall


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I'm a returning member from back when this site was way old school. I even forgot my old sn and everything... but I absolutely loved being a part of it until college took over my life... and so i'm hoping to jump back in and get acquainted with lots of you... Just as a little introduction, favorite song is shiver and video yellow of course and i've been a fan for a while now and i'm really ungodly excited for viva la vida... thats about it.





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Oh yes, I've immediately adopted into my itunes repeat list. I just stopped it at 59... after having it only 12 hours... haha. I'm realllly excited for viva, i can't wait to see what they are going to do next, especially since i liked X&Y so much.

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Welcome back Adriana. I was probably not registered here when you signed up the first time around but nevertheless I wish you welcome and hope you have a pleasant stay at coldplaying.

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