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Hey, I'm new to the boards but I wanted to tell you guys about a UK band that I think could be the next awesome band to come to the U.S. They are called Headway and they're from Nottingham....Dave the singer's voice is SO GOOD! On their Myspace page it says that they have a song on tomorrow night's episode of The Hills, I think the song is going to be "The Start." Seriously, please check out the music on their Myspace page! http://www.myspace.com/headway


If you live in the UK, they are currently supporting Matchbox 20 on tour so GO GO GO !! I wish I lived there so I could go. Can't wait to see them in the states.


Are there any other fans on here??

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stupid limewire.....at the moment none of the albums i want appear in limewire and i don't even know where to buy them from! stupid ebay failed me yet again....plus i doubt they'd even be in australian stores...sigh.


even if i did buy it, knowing my luck it would all be copy protected....i hope coldplay's new album isnt!!!

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