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My internet was down all day yesterday and today, but Im back. Since then I have finally downloaded "Viva La Vida". It finally grew on me, I now may like it more than Violet Hill. What great songs.


Also, I havnt seen any forums lately, so if these questions have already been asked, sorry, but I need some answers:


WHo is singing that "wooooaaahhhh" towards the end of Viva la Vida?


Also who else has seen Violet Hill music video on TV? cuz at 3 AM today it was on Vh1 and it was awesome!!



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:lol: The picture of Jonny with a high voice cracks me up...omg...imagine that live


Chris: C'mon John, about to go on...don't forget to inhale your helium



That would be great. Chris would be like "Jonny boy!" and everyone would expect him to whip out the harmonica. Instead one of the Yellow balloons falls into his hands. He sucks up a ton of air and "WWHHHOOAA!!"



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