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teachers you HATE...


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My American Lit./Writing teacher is SUCH a fucking asshole!


We had an assignment where we had to explicate a poem and use different color pens and symbols to outline different poetic elements and such, and my poem didn't have any sort of rhyme scheme or sound devices, so I noted that at the bottom of the poem.


Well, I got my paper back, and there's tons of marks saying "-2 rhyme scheme, -2 slant rhymes, -2 visual rhymes, -2 alliteration" etc etc and I got a ZERO on the assignment.


Then I went to ask him why I missed everything, and he told me it's because I didn't say that there were no rhyme schemes and such, and when I pointed out the note I had at the bottom he said "It wasn't in GREEN, I was looking for writing in green. How would I have seen the note at the bottom?" in the most assholey manner ever. My zero still stands.



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Guest LiquidSky

Oh wow...... I probably would have said something like "So you are saying that you are going to give me a zero because you as a teacher and from what I am understanding is that you didn't really go through my paper because I didn't had a green pen at the time?" and see what he had said..

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That's so unfair. I hope you get to talk to him but do it in like really calm and cool way.


" Obviously you didn't read everything that I wrote down. I put a lot of hard work into this assignment and was clearly indicating with this sentence here* point to it* that I did not not use rhyme schemes. I feel as though this would have limited my creativity so I made sure to indicate that. I do not feel as though I should have a failing grade when the one who is at fault is clearly you."




I had a bitchy teacher once tell me that I wouldn't pass any college level math course because I missed a homework assignment two days in a row. HA. Well I did. took a math/calculus/statistic course every year I was at MSU. Who's laughing now?

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