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NME and Q reviews of Viva La Vida


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What matters is whether or not it gets through to the subconscious of the world.. Ratings are just opinions - hell, if we believed the critics, the Beatles would have folded up shop and never succeeded, neither would have the original Star Wars movie! What really matters - do you like it??! I do!;)

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both gave the album an 8...

no review so far give the album more then 8... I'm worried...


Don't be worried.


In the Observer article they said that it wasn't as instant as the others, I think a grower that is ultimately extremely more rewarding is better than an album full of catchy, stadium fillers this time around. They've done that. It's time to move on.


Plus 8 is good and both the reviews were glowing.


As long as you like it, who cares? ;)

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The reviews are good. They're very good.


Although the album got a slightly lower mark, both reviews still say it's an excellent album.


There's not long to wait now, but don't worry. To me the songs we've heard so far are different but still very Coldplay. And being a Coldplay fan, I think you'll be fine :D

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