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Prescott to make his acting debut after landing part in BBC radio play


By Debra Killalea and Niall Firth

Last updated at 4:57 PM on 01st June 2008

He may have been left red-faced over the poor turn out at his recent book signing, but it seems John Prescott is still popular demand - at least when it comes to the acting world anyway.

The former Deputy Prime Minister, who was known for mixing his words, is to make his acting debut on radio after landing a speaking part in a play.

Comedian and actor Johnny Vegas, who is a fan of Mr Prescott, asked him to take part in The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, which airs on Radio 4 next Sunday.



article-0-016D9F6B00000578-639_468x286.jpg Just over ten people queue to have their copy of Prescott's memoirs signed


His cameo role, which sees him play a jolly policeman, is based on the novel which follows the fortunes of a group of workmen renovating a house.

Mr Prescott told the Sunday Express: 'I was really delighted when Johnny asked me to play the part of the policeman in his radio adaption.

'I read the book a few years ago. It's very powerful and of course very significant in the Labour movement.'


The part will no doubt prove to be a much needed boost for the outgoing Hull East MP who has been constantly mocked over his failure to master the English language.

It will also help ease his embarrassment over Friday's poor turnout at his book signing in London.


With its shock revelations of bulimia, infidelity and Downing Street screaming matches one might have thought that John Prescott’s world would prove a popular read.


But only a handful of Prescott fans turned up to have their copy of ‘Prezza’ inscribed by the man himself at Waterstones in Leadenhall market in the City.

Serialised in the Times, Prescott’s memoirs reveal that the former Deputy Prime Minister battled for years with bulimia.

article-0-016D8D7000000578-923_233x368.jpg Despite a poor turnout Prescott remain upbeat as he continues his UK book signing tour to promote his memoirs


But even the promise of more startling insights into both Prescott’s private life and his time spent at the heart of the Blair Government appear to be enough to coax people to actually buy it.

On the second day of trading, his warts-and-all book had been discounted by the book chain to just £4.

Aside from his secret battle with bulimia Prescott's memoirs have been notable for their insider accounts of the constant bickering between Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

The former Deputy Prime Minister writes that he had to broker 'hundreds' of meetings between Mr Blair and Mr Brown to patch up disputes between the two.

After a particularly bruising Blair/Brown row, Mr Prescott says he told Mr Brown:

"'If this is how you feel, that you've been misled once again, resign.' I think he thought about it, but it never came to that. He was aware of the possible consequences.

"With Tony, when he was moaning on about Gordon's behaviour, I'd say, 'Sack him. Find a new Chancellor, if that's how you really feel.'

"But neither could take the final step. They were caught in their own trap. Tony knew that sacking Gordon would tear the party apart."

Prescott, who received a reported £500,000 advance for his book, also reveals that he was going to resign after his affair with Tracey Temple, his diary secretary, made him a national laughing stock.

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