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Gazza sectioned after being found 'unwell and agitated'


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Gazza sectioned after being found 'unwell and agitated'


By Daily Mail Reporter


Last updated at 2:32 PM on 02nd June 2008

Former England footballer Paul Gascoigne has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

He was taken to hospital after reports that he was acting bizarrely in Hemel Hempstead Sunday, according to Hertfordshire Police.

Gascoigne approached a member of the public and appeared to be unwell and agitated, a spokesman said.

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Enlarge article-1023409-0172029E00000578-690_468x286.jpg Down and out: Paul Gascoigne was taken to hospital strapped to a wheelchair after collapsing at a London train station Saturday

The midfielder, who has battled mental health and alcohol problems, has been taken to hospital on several occasions.

On Saturday, he fell at King's Cross station and was unable to get up. After arguing with police, he was strapped to a wheelchair, put in an ambulance and taken to hospital but later discharged himself.

Gascoigne, 41, was also held under the Mental Health Act in February following an incident at a Tyneside hotel after which he was treated in hospital for two weeks.


In 2005 he was taken to hospital with pneumonia and last year he had emergency surgery for a perforated stomach ulcer after falling ill while celebrating his 40th birthday.

Gascoigne was arrested for an alleged assault on a photographer outside a Liverpool hotel the same year but charges were later dropped.


A Hertfordshire-police spokesman said Monday: 'Police were called following a report that a man had approached a member of the public, appearing unwell and in an agitated state. Officers arrived and accompanied the man to hospital. He was sectioned under the Mental Health Act.'

Gascoigne, who played for Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Lazio, Glasgow-Rangers and Middlesbrough, was capped 57 times for England.

Earlier his sister pleaded with fans not to buy him a drink.


Anna Gascoigne said: 'If he offers you money to get a drink, don't take it, or you will have blood on your hands. I want Paul to be sectioned to save his life. That is the last hope.'

Miss Gascoigne, 42, added: 'I'm begging his friends and strangers, please don't give him a drink. If he offers you money to get a drink, don't take it.


'People like Paul. He is a hero and they go up to him and want to buy him a drink, which I understand.

'But what they don't know is, every person who buys him a drink, or gives him a drink, or sells him one is contributing to his death.

article-1023409-01729AE900000578-802_233x440.jpg Anna Gascoigne is calling on her brother's fans not to buy him drinks, warning their kindness is killing him


'Please stop. Please leave him alone.'


Witness Rosie Jeffrey, 41, told the Sunday Mirror, 'When he tried to stand he kept falling. Two officers came over and he was trying to hit out at them, shouting to be left alone.

'But he could barely stand and the officers had to drag him away. They wheeled him to the ambulance past crowds of people and he was trying to cover his face.

'But he didn't really know where he was or what he was doing. It was so sad to see.'

Gascoigne's sister Anna added, 'I've never seen him as bad as he is now. Never. It has got to breaking point.

'I'm getting married in October. I want him there when I walk up the aisle. But I don't think he's going to make it if he carries on like this and doesn't get the help he so desperately needs.'


A week ago, Gascoigne checked himself out of rehab at the Priory clinic in West London where he was taken after apparently trying to drown himself in a hotel bath.

In other distressing episodes, the millionaire star has been seen trying to buy a loaf of bread with a £10,000 cheque and a Ferrari with a £20,000 deposit, only for his trousers to fall down.

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Troubled: Gascoigne's family say they are powerless to help him recover from alcoholism and depression

His heartbroken family have done their best to stop him drinking, but are finding it increasingly difficult to save him from himself.


Miss Gascoigne recalled how, in one harrowing incident, her brother stood in front of her and downed a whole bottle of gin.


'People need to understand that our Paul doesn't drink because he likes it.


'It's self-destructive. I love him so much and I've tried as much as I could.'


Last month, Gascoigne's stepdaughter Bianca, 21, said the family was 'powerless' to help him recover from alcoholism and depression.

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