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How To Order Viva La Vida From The USA And Get It On June 13


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here[/url] + get super fast shipping and you should have it before US release date.


dude if it's like 8.99 in euros wouldn't it be like 18 bucks in dollars? lol i don't know conversions that well but seems like it's a lot more expensive. not to mention shipping would probably be like $30 lol.

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XFM, not XM. And it should be fine because I know a site that has a 128/kbs stream of the station. I shall rip it!


oh i thought it was satellite radio haha.


but thanks kid, and like i said, codename it and when you post it, don't mention what it is...we'll know what it is when we get on next monday night haha. "fix you live" sounds good hehe. if u wanna be really random, do something like "family photos" or "prom night pictures" or something haha.

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