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"Terminator" robots come a step closer to reality!!


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The robot that works like a 3D printer to reproduce itself


By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 1:24 PM on 04th June 2008


A university will display a revolutionary robot capable of replicating its own parts at a science festival today.

Adrian Bowyer, from the University of Bath, will show the prototype machine, which prints 3D objects, at Cheltenham Science Festival.

The machine, named RepRap, works like a printer, but rather than squirting ink onto paper, it puts down layers of molten plastic that solidify. These are built up to make three-dimensional objects.


Enlarge article-1024110-017AD6ED00000578-905_468x237.jpg Reproduction: Adrian Bowyer (l) with the RepRap robot

RepRap has, so far, been capable of making everyday plastic goods such as door handles, sandals and coat hooks.

Now the machine has managed to copy its own 3D-printed parts. These have been printed and assembled by a team in Auckland, New Zealand, into a new RepRap machine.

In theory, the university said, the robot could reproduce the same set of parts for yet another RepRap machine, and continue to do so infinitely.

While 3D printers have been available commercially for about 25 years, RepRap is the first that can print itself, the university said.

Dr Bowyer, a senior lecturer in the faculty of engineering and design at the university, said: 'These days, most people in the developed world run a professional quality print works, photographic lab and CD-pressing plant in their own house, all courtesy of their home PC.

'Why shouldn't they also run their own desktop factory capable of making many of the things they presently buy in shops, too?

'The possibilities are endless. Now people can make exactly what they want.

'If the design of an existing object does not quite suit their needs, they can easily redesign it on their PC and print that out, instead of making do with a mass-produced second-best design from the shops.

'They can also print out extra RepRap printers to give to their friends. Then those friends can make what they want, too.'

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