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Brixton Tickets Already on eBay


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What a total joke... :veryangry2:


He says he's selling because he can't go... so why did he confirm his attendance then!? The emails were only sent out today!!


I've just messaged this joker to let him know what I think of him.

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You know what, I'm angry because somebody will innocently buy these, then not be able to go because you have to have ID and be the name on the ticket face. that's a horrible thing to do to somebody who might have to travel, book a hotel, it's not right!


but on the other hand

i'm not mad

because if I don't win, I don't win.

at least I'm not gonna miss out on bidding for them

for the above reason that if I bid for them

I wouldn't be able to go.

it's out of my hands


but referring you back to my first point....



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