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General Chat: Support Acts 2008


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So I see Coldplay have Santogold listed as special guests for three dates, including the 2 Canadian ones (on livenation)..any comments, anyone out there listen to this artist?? Did a bit of research but it would be nice to hear opinions..(sorry if this is already posted somewhere, I will delete if so :))

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Sleepercar added to US support bill


sleepercar1.jpgSleepercar added to US support bill

October 24, 2008 11:52 am

Alt-country dudes to play from Nov 3rd



Good morning. We're pleased to confirm that Jim Ward's alt-country dudes Sleepercar will be supporting Coldplay for all the US shows from 3rd November, with Jon Hopkins also supporting from 11th November. The supports for the upcoming gigs are thus as follows:


26th Oct - 1st Nov: Duffy

3rd Nov - 9th Nov: Sleepercar

11th Nov - 26th Nov: Jon Hopkins + Sleepercar


Click on the names to check out some tunes at their MySpaces.



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opening act


their was this dj playing a whole bunch of really cool beats right after the opening band and before coldplay came up. ive been trying to find out the name of that person. it showed his name right after he finished on the screen but i did not catch it. this was in houston. do any of you all know

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