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Charlotte's time !

cha buckland

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- Hello everybody, my name is Cha, I am originally from France and naturally I am fan of COLDPLAY and especially of our baby Jonny Buckland ! I am a learner graphic designer, I am enthralled by art, music, cinema and all that in report with computer science! I hope to meet you very soon on the forum !

- I am sorry for my so badly English and I however hope to succeed in making myself understood !


Bonjour à tous les ptits et ptites Françaises sur le forum !

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Greetings Cha! I'm glad you could join us here in this global internet cafe with our assortment of actors and actresses!:):laugh3: I'll be your waiter this evening:elvis:.. Would you like white wine, or red?;) Chocolate Mocha or strawberry swing?:p

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