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Will Will Perform Gold Rush?


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I recently read that Will is going to sing a song called Gold Rush just for people going to the concerts...does anyone know if the song is available to all concert goers or is it just for the winter UK concert? I think it's a great idea and I hope they'll let us all in on the fun!

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I assumed that what they meant (from a previous interview) was that people who attended the concerts would "get" the song with their ticket by hearing it played live at the concert. Are they also implying that they will be giving a physical download of the track as well?


Here's the quote:

"We have this song called The Goldrush, which (drummer) Will (Champion) sings. We want to play it as part of the show, so we'd like to give it away with the ticket. That way the only people that know that song will be the people coming to the concerts."


I think that we will all be getting the song one way or another :P

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Thanks everyone, I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed...I couldn't find Gold Rush on iTunes so they must not mean now...the free song download expires about a month after you get the ticket.


If I'm lucky enough to get to the concert November 9th, it'll be the first 'very heavy soft rock' concert I've ever been to...yayy. I mean, school/classic concerts don't count. Really.

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There's a live version I found on Livejournal when they had their small gig at Brixton Academy. I could send you the song if you'd like.


That wasn't 'The Gold Rush'. I thought Will sang 'If Death Will Ever Conquer Me' at the Brixton gig in June...

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Here is the official Brixton Setlist from wikicoldplay.com:


Life In Technicolor

Violet Hill


In My Place

Viva La Vida

Chinese Sleep Chant

God Put a Smile upon your Face


Square One



Strawberry Swing


If Death Will Ever Conquer Me

Talk (remix)

Fix You

Lovers In Japan


I still can't wait to hear The Gold Rush though! :)

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