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Hello Everyone...


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Thought I'd better say hello to everyone while I'm still semi 'new'. Just trying to figure out these threads and things...I feel like I need a sewing kit to get around in here. I have no clue where I'm putting this message, but I'm sure it'll get tangled up on this web page somewhere in the new members section, so I'm not worried. What on earth are sticky threads?


Anyway, Coldplay are a great band so I'm glad they've become so successful!


P.S. It'll probably take me ages to find this page again too!

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Hello, and yes, at first it is a bit confusing! You'll get the hang of it quickly, though.;) Sticky threads - hmm.. I used to know! Like riding a bicycle, you just automatically know what to do after a while.. Sticky Threads are like post-it notes?

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