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More to come with Live Shows?


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I remember reading in a rollingstone article that was posted on their site about Coldplays live show.They did an interview with chris and he mentioned they had some new tricks up their sleeves.One of them I remember them saying audience participation.With only a few warm up shows I dont really remember them doing anything that had the audience participate other than sing a longs.But you do that at every concert im sure.


So im kind of wondering if they didnt show all their new tricks yet on the first couple warm up shows. I guess only time will tell when the official tour kicks off in LA. Anyone else think they have a few more new tricks to show off when the tour kicks off?

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Definitely. There are supposed to be some acrobatics, if I am not wrong, by the band... something to do with trampolines. (It was in an article someplace.. I can't exactly remember where) I believe Chris also said something along the lines that the first few shows were free, which meant that not the full production would be shown. They would be using the full production for the actual tour.

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