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A Fans Review: All Coldplay album reviews (4)


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Thread Title: Pls don’t read this you’ll be bored…An Amazed Fan Review: All of Coldplay’s Four Amazing Albums


Hey Guys here I go again, I re edited this thread because I thought the thread I did before was oh so wrong. It was already bad reviewing every song individually by judging it by numbers and only had just listened to it for only a month so those albums did not yet really grow on me and ultimately I was just fresh as a Coldplay fan. But! I will make sure that your reading would be worth your time and those who are curious on how someone like me from the Pacific would view a Coldplay album.



1.) Parachutes – 8 Mill + albums sold worldwide


The First time I ever listened tot his album, the first second that the album started, I was really blown away. The opener Don’t Panic, had rhythmical guitar sounds which got me hooked to the song, melodic guitar riffs and Chris martin’s raspy voice. Shiver, with its guitar and drums was indeed a rock song to look out for and you could sing along to. Spies, the album was banned in China right? Because of this song it clearly made my Chinese neighbors angry because I really did imagine spies as a anti-war song which maybe made the Chinese react in some weird way that they were offended wee, a great song very artistic and abstract.

The hit, Yellow, simple but purely a great song that any one would love to listen to. Trouble, this song really stretched the boundaries for Coldplay as they can bring piano into a rock song and make it a sad yet beautiful song, Highspeed, also caught my ear and this is one of my favorites with the guitar riffs again and the guitar simply just put the song together, and the repetitive use of the words bubble and confidence…..

We Never Change, a song which I think delivers a message as if the band really wanted the listener to change their ways and live life at the fullest, I really reflected all throughout this song. The end, Life is for living, is a hidden track which really surprised me as I am not used to hidden tracks. The whole album clearly attracted millions of buyers who became millions of fans. I reckon, I’m amazed by the thought that when you look at U2 or other great bands their first works or albums didn’t really get much attention but in Coldplay’s case it did the first album made it a worldwide favorite. Is this a sign?














2.) A Rush of Blood to the Head – 12 mill + albums sold worldwide


Before I heard this album, I clearly had high expectations, hearing many great reviews from critics and the American crowd who loved it. Then, when I pressed the play button boom! Came Politik, loud guitars and drum bashing it really got me surprised and a mix of soft and hard parts. I really love this song since it sounds good and the ending really was so emotional it almost made me cry. In My Place, Chris martin’s voice in this song is so raw and powerful it earned them a Grammy, though the lyrics are kind of senseless, I still love it. God put a smile Upon Your Face, I love the beat in this song, put me anywhere in any day in this world and I would still love to listen to this song. The Scientist the other hit made by them, The video fantastic and the song slow yet soothing and relaxing perfect for a peaceful day. Clocks, the Grammy awarded song and the peter pan2 soundtrack song, this song also makes me want to jump just like those R&B crap songs. Warning Sign, this song never does wear me out, the message of this song is beautiful and the guitar riffs addicting. Lastly one of my favs, A Rush of Blood To the Head, powerful lyrics a great sing along song to karaoke.


The Album really made me see Coldplay as a band stepping closer to greatness, this is the part that made me a true Coldplay fan and im glad I found them. Ill always be looking forward to a Coldplay concert because I saw the Live 2003 in DVD and it was so amazing I loved it! Plus the Australians are a pretty good crowd.























3.) X&Y – 10.5 mill+ albums sold worldwide


I’m clearly really bored now but I have to continue, when I tried to listen to the album I really had low expectations for it, because of the New York times and other people who claimed it was a bad album. So I was set back, First, I did not like some of the other songs, What if , white shadows, Swallowed in the sea and even the hit “fix you”. But as time passed one day I was surprised that the album grew on me, as I was listening I was suddenly blown away and started jumping up and down in every song. I enjoyed What If, Fix You , a teary ballad with a symphonic beat, I also loved the part when the whole band started singing in unison ‘ tears stream down your face’. Then came the stadium filling song Talk, I remember watching the MTV Live Europe Music Awards 2005 that’s how great this song is, it could make people jump up and down and just enjoy the whole song and the Johnny’s guitar solo is amazing in the song. X&Y another great song felt so spacey and the violin sound so cool and Chris martin’s voice is wonderful. Blow after blow another hit Speed of Sound, many say a rendition of clocks but I think otherwise, this song really makes me feel like drifting into space as in literally. There is a song here that is similar to a song in the AROBTTH, warning sign, and I think it’s the song, A Message, simple yet really good song I did notice the similarities. Low, Chris martin’s falsetto really made me love this song especially at the end. Hardest Part, Chris martin’s voice was at its best I think in this song, although the music video for this song is weird I’ve got to say the songs pretty impressive.


Overall, I thought the New York Times was wrong and Coldplay just keeps coming and coming better in each album and with all its glory becoming the worlds biggest and greatest band. I’m satisfied now and enjoying the whole album.



















4.) Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends - Close to 5 mill+ sold worldwide



I did expect this album to be amazing more than X&Y, Parachutes or AROBTTH , since I saw the CD Cover I was baffled and Coldplay once again marked their territory in the music industry. The album is one of the fastest selling albums in history. With 3 amazing albums and 1 more for me to go ( I didn’t get it yet,,,,,) Im saying Coldplay is my U2 and will always be my fav band.

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see here,a lot of people have different opinions in the same way as you and i do.


I went to a site recently to see what the people are saying about coldplay and i am shocked that some people like them and some people just don't.


They say some or something to them.


That's why i don't believe in the articles written in web everyday.

Because a lot of people have their own opinions to judge.


And everything they post cannot be true.

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It's not really a review. It's just an opinion. To make it a review try and actually pass judgement on the subject matter. Reviews are there to push your viewpoint, numbers don't do that, explaining in more than a sentance does.


And avoid sweeping statements.

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