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Beached Festival 2008


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Okay......You may not of heard of it but It is the annual music festival held on Scarborough beach....yes beach (NO MUD!!!!!!!!!)....And another thing....IT IS FREE! And you don't need a ticket, just turn up on the beach!


Last year artists playing there included: The Hoosiers, Amy MacDonald, Foals, Dykeenees, David Jordon and Six Nation State, and the year before that The Fratellis and MC Devvo was there, lol....and even a few years ago they had the Kaiser Chiefs (back then they were called Parva!)


It's great, this year the only confimed act so far is 'One Night Only' but more are to be confirmed soon!

It is to be held between 14-17 August on Scarborough's South Bay Beach!


For more info....go here= http://www.beached.net/H2008/

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I KNEW YOU WOULD BE THE FIRST PERSON TO SAY SOMETHING, lol....but no, Beached is alot of fun and it is free


Yes, but I'm sure the B&Bs, pubs and restaurants all benefit from it!!:rolleyes:

Not to mention all the street traders.;)

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