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Back Door Slam


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My favorite band from Isle Of Man, Back Door Slam, are worth checking out. Im not usually a fan of blues-rock music, but this band is just unbelievable. It probably helps that Ive seen them live half a dozen times in just 6 months.


While checking my watch at 10:30 last night as Back Door Slam had taken the stage at Bowery Ballroom, I was secretly wishing I still was in CA watching Coldplay. But then Davy's voice and guitars began - and I forgot about everything. With only an EP and a full-length album (2nd album in the works) they played a mind-blowing 90 minute set that took us all by surprise (including the band who looked like at any minute theyd pass out). 2 encores - with an over excited crowd - made me realize when a crowd is appreciative - never stop!


It can only be said that Davy Knowles is a guitar god! The way his hands/fingers move on the guitar is unbelievable. Its like all the prior blues guitarists before him were put into him. The vocals are so impressive its hard to imagine a kid at 21 is really singing.


Adam on bass and Ross on drums just add to the whole experience. Adam always looks like he's so detached just standing there looking cool, is also damn good. I would have sworn he really does nothing, but watching him play bass last night I realized how much he added. His bass lines are impressive.




and him smiling -- too cute - hes the way young one


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