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reading old articles on the site


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Im pretty much a newbie here and I really love it.I've been reading the old articles posted ,and finding out lots of things I didnt know about the band.


Just really loving it. Is there a video of the 2002 concert at Wembley arena anywhere???


Thanks to everyone:)

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I'm a newbie too and I have also found a lot of things i didn't know, but I'm still a bit confused, I feel a little 'lost' because I can't really figure out where to start or look for more good stuff. That's the disadvantage of being a newbie, I guess, 'coz I don't know which threads give me most benefit.

Are there anyone who can recommend threads that's really interesting, shocking, funny or things where you thought "wauw, I didn't know that!"? That would be really great.


This forum has sooo many threads and I feel like there's a lot of old members, who know the forum in and out. It's like coming to a big party, where you don't know anyone and don't know where to put yourself. Please put yourself 'in my place'.

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Hey :D nice to see you


WikiColdplay is also our home, and is a nice easy starting point for info. The main page is pretty self-explanatory for general info.


Articles wise, I'm currently working on a Media Archive. 2008 is pretty up-to-date, and then I started from the beginning. This weekend I've been working on 1998-2003 from Google's News Archive, and they are quite good for whats still accessible (although too many pay-per-view archives out there :cry: ). 2004-2007 are coming soon. And then we'll see what else we can track down :D

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