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Something about coldplay and big brother finale?!


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"Rove [Live]: 2 hour Big Brother Finale extravaganza! will feature Christina Aguilera, Coldplay [who will be performing], Evanescence [who also will be performing], [Pop Idol] Gareth Gates and more on Tuesday July 22nd at 8:30pm on channel 10 Australia."


pooh! this means canadians can't see this! :P

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sum1 sed that the uk bb is finishing,ur rite it finishes friday 25th july(this friday)

but we never have any stuff like australia r having,they just get evicted thats is oh yer and the person wins £70,000 blady bla.

Did people outside the uk hear about our bb swap? were 1 of our housemates(cameron) did a swap wiv a housemate in africa(gaetano-pronounsed guy-tano) for a week,that did actually makeit interestinc then it got back 2 normal lol.

luv kirsten




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I get american channels on satellite....

hopefully they'll show it on a channel I get...


ahhh you got direct tv too? lol. how does your family justify owning the illegal dish? mine think it's okay since we do pay for it. haha!


i heard the cops are cracking down on satellite dish owners now. i hope they don't take mine away. too much good tv.

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we had it free for 3 monthes to see if we wanted to keep it. we ended up only wanting MTV, MTV2, the edge (i think) and i think one more other music channel. i remember it was like 171, 172, 177, 178 or something like that. but we didn't get up keeping them. but we did keep these channels that only play music. we call the the "bule channels". cos the background is blue.

i still want it though dammit! :angry:

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