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The Secret Machines unveil new track "Dreaming of Dreaming"


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In preparation for their new album coming out in October (via a self release), The Secret Machines have posted a non-album track online for all to enjoy. I just heard it, and man, it's a killer track! It's classic Secret Machines.


Here's some more info about it:


On “Dreaming of Dreaming,” an exclusive non-album track from New York’s the Secret Machines, the band creates a space in which both melody and experimentation have equal weight. The song, the first new music since 2006’s Ten Silver Drops is available for download now — an early taste of everything to come.


Hear it here:

“Dreaming of Dreaming” (exclusive, new non-album track)


The track begins with Josh Garza’s tight, concise drumming, holding the place for the guitars that layer and crescendo until the song breaks and Brandon Curtis starts to sing, his voice careful but on the edge of longing. “I’m dreaming, we’re dreaming, we’re way past believing/I caught a glimpse it was all a lie” he confesses, acknowledging, but not resigning to, what he’s discovered.


If Garza’s drums are the backbone, then Phil Karnat’s guitars are the ribs and nerves, enveloping the song in contained dissonance, giving it a sense of shape and heft. And it’s only at the end, when he falls into a pattern, that Garza allows himself to expand. The song explodes, and with each member closely attuned to rest of the band, responding to the others’ movements, “Dreaming of Dreaming” achieves that rare balance of spontaneity and control. This is the Secret Machines at their best: accessible yet intelligent, meandering yet focused, and wholly compelling.


The all-knowing RCRD LBL premiered the song earlier this morning, saying, “this song sounds like everything we ever loved about the Secret Machines (read: losing braincells sonically), building and building over eight minutes until even the drums have slap-back delay on them and the whole thing sounds like the Hale-Bop comet crashing into the Garden of Eden.”


You can download it at the link below.




I'm really excited to hear the new album now. It sounds like the band didn't lose any steam after Ben left.

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