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Is it just me....


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Really? You talking about the song 42 sounds like Reckoner from Radiohead? I just listened to them both and couldn't spot it.


There's no secrecy that they're big fans of Radiohead...much like us all. How could you not listen to In Rainbows and not allow it to influence new songs you write?

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very noobish thread. I suppose you could make a case for the tone and the sliding back and forth, but reckoner's intro plays individual notes, and I ran away plays distorted chords, different chords, and there's not that much similarity between them at all. The drums at the beginnings are a tad similar....hey! maybe we can realy tick off the radiohead boards by insisting it's a rip-off! :P


And avaden, he clearly said "I ran away" not "42".

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