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  1. Lord have mercy... what has happened to the band of my childhood? Everyday Life was mildly enjoyable, but the goodwill they earned from me with that album is now gone. I could even forgive AHFOD as a bad mistake, but here they've gone and made an album that would somehow be worse than AHFOD if it didn't have Coloratura. This seriously sounds like an album for preteens or something. Why does Chris need to sound like Alvin the Chipmunk on Biutyful? Why? Does he have anyone in his professional life who can tell him no? It's just a shame they still seem so desperate for pop relevance after all the
  2. If I recall correctly, Taylor is a pretty big is fan of Coldplay. They do sound very similar. However, I agree that a big deal shouldn't be made of it.
  3. What do you guys think about this cover? [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zwhv9kSgYKA]YouTube- LIGHTS 'Lost' cover[/ame]
  4. Fix You, Violet Hill and Only Superstition are my least favorites. They have a few other "meh" songs, but those three are the only songs that I genuinely dislike.
  5. Happy belated birthday, guys! :D
  6. This sounds really good! Deff the best preview.
  7. I think the new album is great! It definitely took me a couple of listens to 'get' it though.
  8. OMG that was awful! :dead: Jonas Brothers = :thumbsdown:, imo.
  9. Edit: My speakers were messed up, so that why I thought it sounded a little odd. I think it sounds great now.
  10. ROFL.... it was a very straight fake moose. :P
  11. Hey!! Welcome to the site!..Where u from??!!

  12. VLV is OK, but it doesn't touch AROBTTH and X&Y. The main thing I don't like about VLV is the songs sound a little overproduced and impersonal. The songs just don't 'hit' me like their older music does.
  13. 42!


    I wouldn't say it's the most overrated, but pretty close. Their most overrated song, imo, is Square One.
  14. My brother hates Coldplay, and I'm not sure if my Mom or Dad even know who they are. :lol:
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