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PIG brother??


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Elderly woman held hostage in her home by giant pig after he invades her garden


By Richard Shears

Last updated at 3:16 PM on 23rd September 2008



A giant pig named Bruce was holding an elderly woman hostage at her farmhouse today after she befriended the stray pet.

The domesticated hog, who is the size of a Shetland pony, invaded Caroline Hayes’ garden in Australia 10 days ago and began causing ‘total mayhem’.

Pensioner Miss Hayes, 63, who is expecting wildlife rangers to remove the pig tomorrow, is frightened to leave her house in case the angry animal charges at her or bites her leg again.






'Total mayhem': Bruce the pig has left Caroline Hayes living in terror


She had originally welcomed Bruce to her home in the small New South Wales town of Uki after he was thrown out by his previous owners who found him too big to handle.

The beast was let loose in a rainforest but soon after returned to the area and settled in Miss Hayes’ garden.

But despite the pensioner treating him for ticks and sores he had received while roughing it, the pig soon became territorial and turned nasty.

Miss Hayes, who is 5ft 6in tall, said today: 'I don't think he means to hurt me, but he doesn't like it when I go out into the back garden to use the outdoor loo.

‘He comes lumbering towards me like a bull and I just have to run back indoors.’

The standoff between Miss Hayes and Bruce began after the vegetarian took pity on the wayward swine who had returned to the town looking for food.

'My neighbours had only had Bruce, as they named him, for less than a couple of weeks when he first turned up in their place,’ Miss Hayes explained today.


Let loose: The pet was thrown out by former owners after he grew too big


‘But after making friends with him they decided he was a bit of a problem and dragged him off to the rain forest.

'When he turned up in my garden I could see he was in a bit of a bad shape – he'd been living "rough" for a while after all.

‘He had a few scratches and about 15 ticks around his eyes which I was able to take out.

'In fact, one of his eyes was so badly swollen that he couldn't see out of it, so I put cream in it and got all the other ticks out of his back.

'Since then, he has decided that this is his new home and he's taken over the back garden. He's claimed my land as his land.'

Things came to a head at the week end when Miss Hayes stepped out of her back door to use the outside toilet.

Bruce, who she believed wanted more food to top up the bread and the other scraps she'd been feeding him, charged towards her.


article-1060206-02C43DC900000578-878_468x265.jpg Running amok: Caroline Hayes confronts Bruce in her garden



'He bit me on the leg on that first occasion and although I gave him a smack, he didn't care.

'After that incident he started to get very pushy every time he saw me.

‘He was nuzzling me around with his snout and it just wasn't funny.

'It reached the stage when he actually started banging himself up against my door at four o'clock in the morning, demanding more food.

'I've become so worried that he might force his way through the door that I've actually locked myself in.

'This morning, when I wanted to go to my outdoor toilet, the pig, who was waiting outside the door, pushed me so hard that I fell back into my room, landing on my back.

'I had to get a broom to start pushing him out of the kitchen, but he grabbed it in his mouth and snapped it in half.

'He's caused total mayhem. He even got into my garage, found a king-size mattress in there and ripped it to pieces.'



article-1060206-02C43D9800000578-425_468x286.jpg Defence: Miss Hayes shows one of the tools she uses to fend off the angry pig


In desperation, Miss Hayes called in council rangers from Murwillumbah Council, but, not expecting a pig that was almost as big as a Shetland pony, they arrived with a dog cage.

'They were flabbergasted when they saw the size of Bruce and looked at their pitifully small cage in dismay,' she said.

'They ran around after Bruce, who seemed to be enjoying the fun, and when they fell back exhausted he just toddled off and went into a nearby pond and spent a lovely time splashing around.

'I feel terrible about calling in the rangers who'll be trying to catch it and I'm very much afraid he'll be sent off to the piggery and end up as pork chops – a lot of them.

'I haven't stopped crying because I'm torn between wanting him to stop wrecking my home and sending him off to an unknown fate.

‘I'm an animal lover and a vegetarian and I'm not happy about evicting him.

'But in the end it was him or me.'

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