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Lindsay Lohan 'back on drugs, binge-drinking and self-harming,' claims new report!


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Lindsay Lohan 'back on drugs, binge-drinking and self-harming,' claims explosive new report


By Lizzie Smith

Last updated at 8:56 AM on 25th September 2008




Lindsay Lohan's controversial private life has been thrown into turmoil amid claims she is back to her wild ways.

According to America's Star magazine the actress, who only left rehab a year ago, has been seen drinking, snorting cocaine and sporting cuts on her arms.

'Lindsay has a very addictive personality, and her drugs of choice are cocaine and prescription pills,' an insider told the magazine. 'She has different dealers in LA and New York. Half the problem is that nobody says no to Lindsay.'






Lindsay Lohan hugs her girlfriend Samantha Ronson today


After a drunken night out at alternative rock festival Lollapalooza in August it is reported that Lindsay drank and was seen 'doing lines of cocaine'.









Then in mid-August Lindsay is reported to have fallen asleep at a house party in LA. 'She was so trashed from the booze and whatever else she takes that she passed out. It was embarrassing because it was only midnight, and Sam had to put her to bed,' said the source.


But the real crisis came after Lindsay and her girlfriend Samantha Ronson attended the launch of the clothing line of Sam's twin sister Charlotte on September 6.

'Lindsay threw a tantrum and wanted to fight a girl who was talking to Sam,' a second source told the magazine.







Lohan shows suspicious marks on her arm at the MTV Video Music awards

Next day at the MTV Video Music Awards there were long red marks running up Lohan's arms, leading to fears she had self harmed.

'Lindsay has locked herself in the bathroom and cut herself in the past,' continued the insider. 'Sam is aware of this and has hidden razors from Lindsay.


'Her parents found out that she was hurting herself again about two months ago and even started planning an intervention. But it never took place because Lindsay got wind of it and her mom, Dina, backed down.'

Lindsay has told in the past how she feared she would die after years of punishing her frail body. In 2006 she was again pictured with cuts on her arms and confessed to having 'hit rock bottom'.


She has also previously talked about having an eating disorder, saying: 'I was making myself sick. Sometimes being that thin doesn't look healthy. I kind of didn't realise that.'

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She's setting a bad example to her "fans".;)


If I wanted to go out and get wasted it would be because I wanted to or enjoyed it not because I saw some irritating actress do it, people who think it's cool just to do something because a famous person does really need to stop and have a think about being so easily led.

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