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  1. You've not explained anything, just given a different point of view.
  2. There is no guarantee that it would end badly, it's a risk but hardly the first time someone has taken a risk for their own happiness, it's got to be better to try than be constantly unhappy because your single which she often seems to be.
  3. And being in that relationship could help her discover her self worth, I don't think there's a right or wrong way for her in regards to a relationship, it could make her happier, it could not work out but if that's what she wants, she should try.
  4. I struggled with severe depression after a death in my family and then a while later a relationship that didn't work out so I know all too well how depression feels. Lory to me doesn't come across as depressed, she seems to have self esteem and confidence issues and I disagree with you in that I think being in a decent happy relationship with someone would most likely do her the world of good.
  5. You don't need to change your appearance to find a decent guy.You just need to have more confidence in yourself and not think that you are not good enough for people when I'm sure you are:).
  6. If you were still feeling the same after that amount of time wouldn't you think hey something isn't right and make a concious effort to get to the root of the problem?. I didn't say she was crazy I said she comes across a bit crazy which isn't the most attractive feature and could have something to do with her not being able to find a bf, like someone else said if she changed her outlook a bit I'm sure she would have no problem getting a date. If her feelings and outlook don't change then I highly doubt her being single is going to either.
  7. She has been making the same kind of "no one will ever love me" comments for a year or so now. I've been badly hurt in a relationship in the past but time is a great healer and people move on, so coming out with the same stuff a year down the line does come across as a bit odd to me.
  8. Sorry to say but have you ever stopped to consider the main reason you haven't found a bf or love is you do come across kind of nuts, like someone else said in this thread change your attitude and outlook and I'm sure you will find someone in no time.
  9. I have a friend who is studying Medicine too and if studying Aerospace engineering is as intense then I agree with everything you've said, he won't have time for music.
  10. Apply to Oxford, and gain a superiority complex.
  11. I pretty much agree with this, for me it would be some Chelsea fans I don't like, mainly because I've experienced some fans loud drunken antics in proximity to Stamford Bridge after a game too many times, by no means do I think all Chelsea fans are like this though and calling them all scum would be hugely unfair.
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