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Macca vs Heather: Sir Paul has the last (angry) word on new album


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Macca vs Heather: Sir Paul has the last (angry) word on new album with thinly-veiled lyrics


By Richard Simpson

Last updated at 11:26 AM on 03rd October 2008



For two stormy years, he kept his cool through the most bitter and high-profile divorce in recent history.


But it seems Sir Paul McCartney is at last getting the chance to air his grievances about the breakdown of his marriage to Heather Mills.


He has recorded an album under the pseudonym The Fireman, and Miss Mills has emerged as the thinly-veiled target of its lyrics.


article-1067191-02E1D74700000578-734_468x664.jpg Before the bitterness: The couple in LA in 2002 - Macca has hit out at Heather Mills in song lyrics on his new album







The album title itself - Electronic Arguments - is a reference to the texts, emails and alleged phone-bugging which took place between the pair as their marriage slipped into acrimony.


In the first track, which is called Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight, Sir Paul sings the lyrics: 'You said you love me - but was it true? The last thing to do was to lie about me silently.'


The second track, Two Magpies, is a reference to Miss Mills and her sister Fiona.


article-0-02E1783900000578-799_468x656.jpg Moved on: Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell take a walk in Paris after going to his daughter's fashion show on Thursday - on his new album Sir Paul sings a song about his new love

Enlarge article-1067191-02E25A9600000578-113_233x262.jpg Angry: Lyrics from the first track


They tried to squeeze hundreds of millions of pounds out of Sir Paul in the divorce case, which ended in the High Court in March with him making a settlement of £24.3million to Miss Mills.


Sources said that he named the song as a dig at the sisters since magpies are known to have the habit of taking brightly-coloured shiny trinkets and jewellery to make their nests with.


'Two Magpies' also refers to the fact that Heather and Fiona grew up in Newcastle, where Newcastle United football club is referred to as The Magpies because of the black and white colouring of the home kit.


The final track on the album, Don't Stop Running, refers to Sir Paul's final decision to split from Miss Mills and never look back.


There is also an upbeat ballad on the album - Lifelong Passion - which sources say Sir Paul wrote about his new love, Nancy Shevell.


The album, due to be released next month, was recorded over nearly a year, with each individual track being written and recorded in the space of just one day.

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