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German gas stations sell VLVODAAHF download gift cards


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Since Oct 1st the german gas station chain Aral (german company of British Petrol) sells a VLVODAAHF Download gift card. Customers can have it activated at the counter after payment and get the card with a download link and code on the back. Fortunately I work for this company and took one home without having it activated:



(click to enlarge)




I am gonna try to keep a few more of these cards if they´re not being sold.

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Oh no, Dont get me wrong, It is a very interesting collectable, and one i'm sure i'll one day pay alot for on ebay :P But in terms of buying the album for the first time, i would buch rather have the CD.


Hehe, okay, like me. I even bought the vinyl without having a vinyl player ;-). If we´re not selling all of the gift cards in the next weeks I´ll try to keep as much of them as possible. Unactivated of course. Just for the looks!

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