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  1. I don't get it tbh :S i think they've taken the theme of "aliens; out of space" too far, everything seems just so distant and Fazed, I pray my mind will be changed next week when i hear the vinyl and a higher Bitrate source, but still i really am dissapointed thus far.
  2. I've been front row before, no issue really, I just was first in Queue for tickets. I think that that is a selfish suggestion tbh. Nothing justifies us as being "Coldplays greatest fans" anymore than the people have no account here, yet still listen, and love the band. Everyone deserves that feeling of being inches away from your heroes.
  3. Bilbo-215

    New Song???

    fake, 100% But a Good fake, the "Yeah they do, yeah they do" Gives it away to me, and the Outrageously strong Cockney accent during "1234" However, this is Very, Very alike previous leaked Coldplay Demos, and the piano, is something i could see chris writing and furthermore, Why would EMI remove it? The "I Sent a Satellite" one, much more convinvcing, yet do we know that this is not an old Demo? i mean he does say "Poppy fields" in it But.. The Quality is even worse. My verdict, all faked by a very good impersonator, apart from the Fix You one, that's awful.
  4. For Loudest i'm going to go for the start of LiT ii's Chorus, I always think that Cemetries of London he sings quite loud. Yes has to be the lowest, Anybody know what Chris' highest note is, I Don't think it warants a new thread.. probably Warning sign, or Everythings not Lost?
  5. Lmao, +1 i was watching that the other day. Seriously though, I'm pretty sure Chris Nearly Choked on his Dickmann's laughing When he heard this one.
  6. 1 - Lovers in Japan 2 - Life in Technicolour ii 3 - Viva la Vida 4 - Glass of Water 5 - 42
  7. I like the List of Possible Songs on the wall before Wedding bells is played, One interesting thing stands out. Wedding Bells. Love in a Lethal Dose Drunks + Guns Cartoon Heart 1000-1 " on the " (can't make it out) Famous old Painters Cartoon Head Spanish Rain Christmas Lights Practically an album there :P
  8. Saw these at the Mathew Street Fest 2008 as Square One. Bloody Fantastic! Sorry to see that they didn't play it this year. Glad there Back =]
  9. lol! Good to see they've got the prioritys set up First, A.k.a The Bar :laugh3:
  10. Green Eyes :) "We're Seperated Now..."
  11. looks much better now although.. Does Look receding a wee bit though :o Better but not as good as Early X&Y area.
  12. Amsterdam and Warning sign Please :D
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