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Sonata Arctica.


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Sonata Arctica is a Finnish rock band from the town of Kemi, originally assembled in 1996. Their later works (most notably Unia) contain some elements typical of progressive metal.



Band Members:

Tony Kakko

Elias Viljanen

Tommy Portimo

Marko Paasikoski

Henrik Klingenberg









I know it's a long shot,but anyone into them?

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Blank File,Replica,Kingdom for a heart,Don't say a word,Of Silence,Weballergy,False news Travel Fast,The End of this Chapter,Black Sheep,Land of the Free,Last Drop Falls,Sing in Silence,Wolf and Raven,In Black and White,Broken,Destruction Preventer.:D

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You cheated, you named too much!!!!! :laugh4:

Sing In Silence is so good.

and Don't Say a Word too... such a powerful song. On their live DVD 'for The sake of Revenge', it's one of my favorite prestations on it (even if they're all kick-ass! (oh and except the part when he breaks his keytar... he should have sent it to me instead of breaking it :D))

Wolf and Raven was the first one I heard from them :P


Favorite album?

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Yeah I like some songs too, but it's so different. I prefer the old sound.


btw. very horrible sound quality. the sound doesn't even fit the video. and this is pretty old.

but yeah I thought I'd share it anyways.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edpHUuBWkXE]YouTube - The End Of This Chapter - Intro[/ame]

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well when it comes to songs, I can play songs from a lot of bands, but my fav definately are Coldplay, Coldplay, Coldplay, Nightwish, Coldplay, The Killers, Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie and Coldplay :D But I can also play Paid in Full, Shy and Caleb of SA on the keyboard.


As to instruments, I can play the drums, the guitar, the bass and the keyboard. And I was the singer of my former band.

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