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Dedicate our Wedding Song 10/26/08


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Hello to Coldplay! I hope that you read this because on 10/26/08 at the Izod my new husband Neil and I (Bonnie) will be celebrating 2 months marriage. Our wedding song is "Green Eyes". We have been friends for 22 years (I was married for 25 years before to a man who was not faithful) and finally after leaving a really bad situation, I got to marry the love of my life. We both have green eyes and the words of the song really say it all for us. I hope that Chris Martin sees this and somehow we could share our love story as it is a really amazing and wonderful one. My husband was a confirmed bachelor until my green eyes swept his green eyes off their feet. No when he sings to me "honey you are the rock on which I stand, I came here to talk, I hope you understand that green eyes your the one that I wanted to Find and anyone who tries to deny you must be out of their mind. I came here with a load and now it feels much lighter..." you know the rest! What a song. We are both 48 years old and I must say that Coldplay is my band. Love you guys. Your music is romance in motion. Gwenyth is very lucky! See you on the 26th of October, 2008!!!:kiss:

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