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  1. You're not the only one, Lauren! It's been awesome. Especially loved the season premiere, with badass Reid. :wink3:
  2. Ainsley, your stuff is amazing. I'm in love with it, really. It makes me want to grab a pen and piece of paper of my own. <3 First time using watercolors. The colors are off in the picture, but I think I like it. :)
  3. Holy crap. Your DP of MGG as...John Waters? = Epic. <3

  4. Met Bryan Lee O'Malley yesterday and I'm still grinning from ear to ear. The man is too cool. Also, I think Alison Pill (Kim) is so adorable. I like her the most from all the girls. :)
  5. I completely lost it in the end. It really got to me.
  6. Haha. Don't be. I didn't even say hi to him. It was just him walking down the street like a normal dude, and only like two people recognized him, while I was busy doing this: :stunned: Should have at least sneaked a picture of him, dammit. Ah, well...
  7. This one is now my wallpaper. I'VE SEEN HIM WITH MY OWN EYES. Yes, that's how excited I was, and yes, he's just as lovely in person. <3 DAMMIT.
  8. Alexa, that last one is just :nice: A big one, and gooood night. P.S. Michael C. Hall is damn sexy.
  9. Do it. Seriously. Spread the Des love. <3
  10. Yes, one of my favorite Wallace moments! Haha, I know, Lauren, Keiran Culkin actually looks amazing as Wallace. He's my favorite character, so that's who I'm most excited to see. :D It was so hard being in SD for Comic-Con and not being able to get in. They screened it a couple of times here. :\ It was nice seeing that every day, though! :lol:
  11. Yeah, I'm definitely going to see this by myself, but I don't mind. I'm so excited, the cast is pretty much perfect! Brandon Routh as Todd Ingram is just <3
  12. Si, ya se, ando media perdida. Pero gusto saludarte! :)

  13. Perdon, que hace muchisimo tiempo que no ando por CPing, pero me ataque de la risa cuando vi tu "Make Sandwich" y tu avi. <3 Muy buena. :nice:

  14. I collect wheat pennies. I even buy them on ebay. That's lame, but I love them.
  15. Nothin much at all, Viv! Relaxing. Went to see Coldplay in Guadalajara and stayed there for a whole month, and now I'm here. :) How are you!?

  16. Preciooossaaaa. Te quiero. :)

  17. I'm heartbroken. I'm going to have to miss Lost for the next four weeks. </3

  18. Hi Paulinha! I'm sorry, I didn't notice your message! Yes, I can't believe you remember, my name is Paulina. People call me Lina, though. :) I'm from San Diego. Cheers, hope everything is going well for you!

  19. Yes! That was my favorite part! Shosanna Dreyfus is such a kickass female character, I loved her. <3 I'll let you know for sure. :)

  20. Thanks, Julie. I'm going to watch the Kill Bill films next. :) Inglourious Basterds was so beautifully made. The directing was pretty perfect.

  21. One of my favorites. Bill and Scarlett <3 ... Inglourious Basterds This was my very first Tarantino and it was great. I'm looking forward to seeing more of his movies now. :)
  22. Virtue and Moir skated so beautifully. I was so happy for them, they looked beyond excited during the medal ceremony. :nice: Also, Tessa is gorgeous.
  23. Hola Carla! Bien bien todo. Me volvi a cambiar de casa entonses estuve muy occupada. :/ Pero todo bien ahora. Tu?

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