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  1. You're not the only one, Lauren! It's been awesome. Especially loved the season premiere, with badass Reid. :wink3:
  2. Ainsley, your stuff is amazing. I'm in love with it, really. It makes me want to grab a pen and piece of paper of my own. <3 First time using watercolors. The colors are off in the picture, but I think I like it. :)
  3. Yah! It's definitely him dressed as John Waters. So funny and brilliant. I've actually had this avi for awhile and was thinking about maybe changing it to one of his "portraits" from the Unauthorized Documentaries.

  4. Holy crap. Your DP of MGG as...John Waters? = Epic. <3

  5. Met Bryan Lee O'Malley yesterday and I'm still grinning from ear to ear. The man is too cool. Also, I think Alison Pill (Kim) is so adorable. I like her the most from all the girls. :)
  6. I completely lost it in the end. It really got to me.
  7. Haha. Don't be. I didn't even say hi to him. It was just him walking down the street like a normal dude, and only like two people recognized him, while I was busy doing this: :stunned: Should have at least sneaked a picture of him, dammit. Ah, well...
  8. This one is now my wallpaper. I'VE SEEN HIM WITH MY OWN EYES. Yes, that's how excited I was, and yes, he's just as lovely in person. <3 DAMMIT.
  9. Alexa, that last one is just :nice: A big one, and gooood night. P.S. Michael C. Hall is damn sexy.
  10. Do it. Seriously. Spread the Des love. <3
  11. Yes, one of my favorite Wallace moments! Haha, I know, Lauren, Keiran Culkin actually looks amazing as Wallace. He's my favorite character, so that's who I'm most excited to see. :D It was so hard being in SD for Comic-Con and not being able to get in. They screened it a couple of times here. :\ It was nice seeing that every day, though! :lol:
  12. Yeah, I'm definitely going to see this by myself, but I don't mind. I'm so excited, the cast is pretty much perfect! Brandon Routh as Todd Ingram is just <3
  13. Igual :) como has estado?

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