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Hairspray power !!


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:cry: :cry:


this morning , horrible morning. i heard sounds came out from the top of my bookself. it was about 5 am. i was playing computer by that time.


once again the sounds came out from the box.


finally 2 ROACHES FLYING TO MY DESK. :shocked2::shocked2::shocked2::shocked2:


HOH GOD !!!!!! i fell from my chair , running out for help. (overact) went downstairs to get "Roach Sprayer". but i only got an empty bottle, shit !


i had an idea to spray them with my mum's hairspray, well i did that creepy things. i sprayed it with hairspray right to its legs (when it turned upside down) then the roach is stoned (maybe) :wink3:


and DIED in few seconds :laugh3::laugh3::laugh3:


the bad news is , i still havent found where the other one is , grrr :veryangry2::veryangry2:


does your hairspray or somebody's hairspray has another usage? :sneaky:

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