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Coldplay on Sunrise (Australian Coldplayers, ATTENTION! :) )


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Molly Meldrum's hat is an Aussie icon - but it's threatening to upstage him!


Our godfather of music joins us tomorrow, after interviewing Coldplay.


Chris Martin talked plenty about music, and much more - but then had to ask what was under Molly's hat!


I don't think anyone knows the answer - but you'll see that chat tomorrow.




Sunrise, Channel 7, 6am - 10am Wednesday 19-11-08 (TOMORROW) guys.

There's nothing on the site about what time it's on so you're gonna have to watch it through, but I'm guessing it won't be on until after 7am. It also said something about Chris opening up about his marriage to Gwyneth on the advertisement this morning for it but I wouldn't expect too much about it since the poor thing gets shy and awkward talking about those sorts of things.


Typical Chris asking what's under Molly's hat. :laugh3:

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Was disappointing because they just chucked in snippets from the music videos to make it seem longer... Sunrise :mean: they were too focused on the Australia premiere. :shame:


Although I did record it on VHS for the sake of it. Yay for primitive technology!

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I got a VHS/DVD player a while back, I couldn't possibly go without a VHS player because I have so many VHSs from the 90's, like old Disney movies and whatnot that are actually good (I still love The Aristocats, hoo hah! :heart::P)

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