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Prospekt´s March different editions

Jedi Leo

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Hello everyone!


Lokking around online I noticed something odd about Prospekt´s March. There seems to be THREE different editions being released: the EP, the EP + VLV album and another EP limited edition. What´s up with that? What is the difference between Ep and EP limited edtion? Here is a couple of links of stores that have these two differently priced versions:





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Well, as far as this site and the .com site goes, there are only two editions:


Prospekt's March (EP) and

Viva La Vida Prospekt's March Edition (LP+EP)


I see that Tower Records also has a vinyl edition of the EP.


I think that the 'limited edition' entries you see on those sites probably refer to imports from other countries. They are no different.

In Japan, for example, there are a lot of import CDs in stores simply because the domestic versions are more expensive to buy, as they come with a translated booklet, and often an extra track or two.


It was also stated somewhere around the traps that the EP edition is shipping in limited quantities, so that may have something to do with Tower wanting to import from other countries. Not sure. In Australia, I think we can mostly only find the LP+EP edition which is sucky, but I know the EP editions will be around if I look hard enough :)

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Sanity is overpriced garbage IMO. JB-HiFi FTW!


I don´t know what kind of prices you guys are used to but 9 USD seems cheap enough to me, but then again here in Denmark the EP will cost 14 USD so I guess any other country will have it at a lower price

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Thanks, valypan. I couldn't get out today to buy it, but I'm still not sure where I'm going to do so, as I have the option of Japan also. I'm counting on the Japan release to have a bi-lingual lyric booklet. I'll probably end up buying one here and one there!

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