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Prospekt's March is going well on iTunes national albums charts


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Prospekt's March is going well on iTunes national albums charts!


Here the best positions:


Italy: 3rd

Germany: 4th

Australia: 6th

Belgium: 3rd

Denmark: 10th

Finland: 4th

Ireland: 4th

Netherlands: 1st

New Zealand: 9th

Norway: 2nd

Austria: 4th

Switzerland: 12th

Sweden: 3rd

Japan: 8th


without any particular marketing promotions...

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Thanks notlost92. I appreciate your help. It's actually been out for over half an hour on iTunes. I was trying to get a Coldplay fan to confirm for me (I'm just a general concert/music blogger) because we were putting up a review/photos from the Dallas show. I thoroughly confused myself, since the album appeared on iTunes even though the release date said it wasn't coming out until tomorrow.


Honestly, I'm surprised iTunes updates that quickly.


Thanks for your help, it's much appreciated!

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Ha ha -- I know totally what you mean. The lack of enthusiasm here is what makes me laugh -- it's the same way with a new Radiohead album. All the board members YAWN and say "oh, it's out now? About time." All the hardcore people have already dissected the new tracks.

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Well it's also been released in a lot of countries by now, so if people don't have the leak, they have their official copies! But yeah, if you wanted to see excitement you should've been here at 2AM Thursday morning... It was completely mad :P


There will probably be a bit of commotion when people see it's a "Bonus Video Version", and only $6, though ;)

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its up on itunes now here (in canada at least). The pricing is a bit odd though... 8 songs that are normally $0.99 a peice, then a bonus video that bought separately would be $2.29... yet theyre charging $13.99 to buy the album instead of the $10.21 it would cost to purchase each thing separately... The version that's VLV+Prospekt's march is up for only $12.99.

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