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Question For Experienced GA Coldplay Fans

zoo shoes

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So I got my GA tickets for the first Melbourne show. (Oh yeah!) I have a question for anyone who has done GA on this tour –


What’s the best spot to head for?


Is it better to head for the main stage or is better to get a spot by one of the b-stages?


I went to a number of U2 concerts in Australia in 2006 and the first few shows I got a great spot right in front of the main stage. To try something different I grabbed a spot by a b-stage for the final show and wished I had done it more often. I was only a meter away from Bono and the b-stages were lower than the main stage, so the guys felt more immediate than they did on the main stage. They also spent a decent amount of time on the b-stages.


Is the same true for Coldplay?


Also, do they spend much time on the b-stages/ramps?


I’m a big Chris Martin fan, is there one side he spends more time on than another?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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