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[Article]I dont really get This Article?


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Connie knocks Coldplay off US No 1

Songbird Connie Talbot has claimed her latest triumph by knocking British supergroup Coldplay from the top of the US charts – and she hasn’t even heard of them.


Fresh from appearances on a series of top talk shows in America, the eight-year-old’s version of Three Little Birds has sent the rock giants tumbling to number seven in the Billboard Hot Singles charts.


But the success has clearly not gone to the head of the youngster from Streetly, Walsall.


Speaking to the Express & Star, the Blackwood Prim-ary School pupil appeared more interested in her favourite children’s TV character Tracy Beaker than multi-award winning Coldplay.


“I don’t think I’ve heard of them,” she said. “It’s just amazing to go to number one in America, though, I can’t believe it.”


The youngster made her name last year when she melted the hearts of judges, including Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden, on the TV show Britain’s Got Talent.


Her second album, Connie Talbot’s Christmas Album, came out in the UK this week after massive sales of her debut Over The Rainbow – which is also selling well in the US.


And after recent appearances before millions on major American TV shows including USA Today, The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Ellen Show, Connie still seemed to be taking things in her stride.


“I loved it in America, it was brilliant,” she said.


“I think Washington DC was my favourite place, but all the others were really good too. The people over there are really nice and friendly.”


Connie, whose original performance on Britain’s Got Talent went on to become the most watched clip in YouTube’s history with more than 45 million views, is due to go to Germany for a charity show next week, before travelling to Asia where she will do her debut tour, which will include Korea, Taiwan, Philippines and Hong Kong.


What the Hell is this about?????!!!! and who is connie//..........................explain.......

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I'm assuming Connie is a musical artist judging by the fact she knocked Coldplay off the no 1.


I believe this article is talking about how since she has been experiencing success in teh charts she had the ability to knock Coldplay from number one in the musical charts.

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She's from Britian's got talent.. she's a little girl (8 years old) who won a talent contest. She's a singer now and has an album out.. I'm not really surprised that she doesn't know who Coldplay are.. she's a little young for their music


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWNoiVrJDsE]YouTube - "Britains Got Talent ? Connie Talbot, age 6, WOWs Simon Cowell !"[/ame]

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